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Manual Type

The machine is driven by human power, with low pressure, suitable for printing work with small area and small batch.

Manual Type

Product Description:

Manual Type

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Question 1: How to get a quotation for garment machinery?

Answer: Leave us a message with your requirements, and we will contact you via trade manager or email.

Question 2: Are there price differences for machines of different sizes?

Answer: Yes, the price will be different for machines of different sizes.

Question 3: How about your after-sales service and training?

Answer: If you buy our machine, we can send engineers to your factory to install the machine, and train your operators how to adjust and maintain the machine.

Question 4: What are your warranty terms?

Answer: We will provide vulnerable parts for easy replacement, and the machine has a one-year warranty and lifetime service.

Question 5: What if I cannot find the model I need?

Answer: Please contact us directly, we can provide you with customized models.

Question 6: What about delivery and packaging?

Answer: Conventional models: shipped within 2 days;
Conventional models, customized sizes: 7-15 days delivery
Customized models: After communication, the goods will be delivered according to the contract.
Commonly used packages according to the size of different models are: carton, wooden box, iron frame, etc.

Question 7: Which trade terms can you use?

Answer: We can do FOB, CIF and C&F

After sale Service Process
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